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Who we are

The Drops in the Ocean study group is composed by Giuseppe Milan (Padua University), Chiara Crivelli (AGe, Umbrella italian organization representing parents in schools), Fausto Montanini (Consulta di Bergamo, representing high schools boards in Bergamo city district), Paola Mariani (Amici dei Popoli Association, in Padua) and Paolo M. Pumilia, as coordinator,


  • Spreading initiatives that enhance the educational value of high school activities
  • Fostering engagement of more adults along the same line.
  • Stressing the systemic dimension of education, encompassing families and cultural associations, where the whole local community is involved.

Current projects

Weaving threads, with a new vision          Fili, intrecci, orizzonti -  2015

Edu civitas - effort to involve communities in young people education - italian project


In recent years, the world has witnessed a growing wave of local initiatives in support of public schools.
Teachers, cultural associations and civil society have been playing an active part in grassroots experiments aimed at helping schools in the creative elaboration of new educational methods, also exploiting information technologies.
Here answers are coming from those directly faced with educational issues, in contrast with the more common top-down reforms, where experts’ committees draw up didactic experimentation plans to be put forward to willing teachers.
Experiments like that are often very effective but, unfortunately, they rarely get known beyond the immediate sphere of their promoters. Moreover, they tend to be short-lived because promoters don't have the strength to sustain them and a suitable supporting network is lacking. They are like drops in the ocean: they apparently cannot change the entire educational system. But the ocean of whole human community could be flooded by many such contained experiments that would transform it, if the most meaningful of them could be fostered, spread and developed

Past work

 2010-2012  IGI Publication
Authors and editors as one community - a publication project   (END Conference, Lisbon 2013) - slides

Education is where we decide if we love the world enough to take responsibility for it
(Hannah Arendt)